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Why Do My Caps Have Black Lines in the Front?

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

3 Reasons

If you have asked yourself the question, “why do my caps have black lines in the front?” the answer is this: the black lines that you see on the caps of your front teeth are, in all probability, are part of the metal crown fused to your caps. The metal’s edge that is underneath your caps may be showing because your gums are slightly receding or maturing.

How These Black Lines Appear

These black lines are associated with dental caps or crowns made of tooth enamel-colored porcelain externally which has been fused to metal framework that has been placed internally. These black lines are typically found at the edges of the caps where metal and porcelain meet in the gum line.Using advanced dental technologies, caps, or crowns are now made without metal framework underneath them with the same durability and durability. In some individuals, the black lines show through gums and make them appear darker as well.

Why These Black Lines Appear

According to some dentists, there are three possible reasons why black lines make their appearance on the teeth caps:Crown type: the type of dental crown has the tendency to affect your gum tissue’s color. Some porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns or PFCs have “collars” that fit teeth at the gumline area and some have so-called porcelain “margins” that do not make these collars visible as much.Root canal: if you have had root canal on your teeth, their color may be black and appear visible at the margin of the gum line, especially if you experience gum recession. This condition is often difficult to cover for dentists, albeit the skilled ones have a few “tricks” up their sleeves to hide the flaw.Decay: this means your gum line has decay. If this is the case, you should go to your dentist ASAP to find out whether or not the teeth in the gums are still healthy or have been infected by the bacteria which caused the decay. This can help halt the spread of bacteria and prevent potential infection.

How these Black Lines on teeth Can be Eliminated

The black lines on the caps or crowns of your front teeth are obviously an aesthetical issue. The best way to eliminate them is to replace your caps. Take note that the replacement of a single cap on one front tooth, as well caps for the two incisors, usually take longer to cement into place.New ceramic dental caps, for instance, now come as an “all tooth-colored” type and, because they don’t have metal framework underneath, don’t make it possible for black lines to appear. Here are some of the benefits of these all-ceramic, all-natural, and all-tooth-colored dental caps or crowns:

  • - Excellent fit.
  • - No black lines even in the event of gum recession.
  • - Visibly aesthetics

The downside of these ceramic caps includes:

  • - Durability is not as strong as PFCs
  • - Cannot be utilized in all of the mouth’s area where there are teeth like back molars

On a final note, while you no longer need to ask yourself, “why do my caps have black lines in the front?” because you now know the options available to eliminate them, do remember that dental caps or crowns will require replacement after several years. The growing awareness of aesthetics plus the advances continuously made in ceramic technology have both contributed to widening the array of choices for teeth and gum health.

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