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What Age to Begin Bringing my Child to the Dentist?

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

As a parent, it can be quite tough to work out if you are doing the right thing for your child. Are you giving them enough attention? What about medical visits? It’s these types of questions many parents ponder. However, your child’s visits to the dentist are every bit as important. Bringing your child to the dentist from an early age forms great lifelong habits.Your child’s first dental visit should be before they turn one – typically six months after the first tooth has started to come in. Getting started at a young age is a great way to prevent tooth decay and to catch any problems that may be occurring early. Additionally, you’ll be able to learn how to clean your child’s teeth properly, which makes at home dental care much easier.As mentioned above, starting early can give your child the right impression and make sure that they look after their own teeth from here on. Setting high standards early in their lives will make sure that by adulthood, hygiene and self-confidence should not be a problem. It also makes taking your child to the dentist much easier in the future, as they know what to expect.During the first few visits, your child may suffer or become quite scared quickly, so it’s important to have something in place that can calm your young one down and let them sit at peace during the procedure(s). Perhaps bring their favorite book or toy for the waiting room.Looking after your child’s well-being at the dentist can be hard work, but a few simple distractions and rewards can be the perfect way to get your child to calm down and cope with the necessary dental treatment.

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