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Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Removing Amalgam Fillings, Marietta

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

As overall health is necessary for the person to stay fit and fine. The same way dental health is of great importance. So it is necessary to keep the teeth properly. But, when there is tooth decay it is filled up by amalgam fillings generally.Dental amalgam is a dental filling also known as metal fillings. It is mostly made up of metals like silver, tin, copper, mercury, zinc and so on. Amalgam fillings are generally used by the dentist when there is tooth decay. So to regain the shape of teeth and fill the cavities of the teeth and get the original shape back dentist use Amalgam. These are constantly used by the dentist for over 100 years now.But with the changing trend and modern technology, there are various substitute available, for example:-  fillings using a blend of mercury and indium, fillings done using the blend of mercury and copper, or by composite resin, porcelain fillings and gold fillings are also used. When all these started being used the usage of metal starts declining.

Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Removing Amalgam Fillings are:-

  1. The most important reason to remove Amalgam filling is the presence of mercury. It is not at all good for young children, pregnant women, and especially it is not good for those people who intake more seafood.  And when we consume food, mercury can be built up in our body. Excessive buildup of mercury in a body will, in turn, cause many problems to both internal and external organs. It results in problems like headaches, anxiety, fatigue irritability and memory loss. Instead of this, the dentist is trying to use Composite Fillings, in Marietta.
  2. As mercury is considered as one of the environmental polluting agents. So it is necessary to remove Amalgam filling. Our team of Marietta Dentists will help to safely remove the Amalgam filling and refill your cavities Composite Fillings in Marietta,
  3. An Amalgam filling is not good looking, they do not possess the color natural as our teeth. But the substitutes available ie. Composite Fillings, at Marietta, have the good quality of possessing natural colors similar to our teeth. So we must avoid  Amalgam filling.
  4. In fact, once we fit  Amalgam filling its harder to remove them easily. In fact, sometimes while extracting the metal fillings the healthy part of teeth also gets removed with the fillings. So it's, better not to out the  Amalgam filling from the beginning itself and we must use alternatives available such as Composite Fillings.

Thus, the dentist of  Marietta will safely help you avoid all the cavities from the teeth. We will remove Amalgam filling easily, as they are not up to people’s expectation and demands and replace it with  Composite Fillings that can match with the natural color of your teeth. So, for solving dental problems you can visit:-  Bank of America Building, 2501 Windy Hill Road, Suite 330, Marietta, GA 30067, we will definitely provide you with best solutions.

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