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Teeth Whitening Make You Achieve a Whiter and More Beautiful Smile

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

Brightening your smiles is one of the ways in the field of cosmetic dentistry to achieve a better-looking smile. It is an easy and convenient way to get what you want when it comes to various social situations. There are various ways of achieving the bright and healthy smile you want, and you desire. From the in-office dental treatments to over-the-counter whitening treatments, and whitening toothpaste, you name it, and they are all there. With the advances dentistry has made, there are new ways to make sure your teeth are whiter. It is through laser activation. Any of the above-mentioned methods you choose could achieve dramatic results for you.Discoloration is something that you would not want to occur to you. Teeth could develop stains because of many reasons- tea, coffee, wine, alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, soda, etc. Everything could create stains on our teeth surfaces. The enamel layer contains various small pores which can't be seen by our eyes. The food and drinks we consume could seep through those pores and make stains appear on our teeth surfaces, over a period.The teeth whitening treatment is one of the simple ways to get rid of all the stains that could occur because of various reasons. It is an excellent solution to make sure the yellowed teeth could turn white and bright again. It could bring out the natural color of your teeth, including the real luster.

  • The dental teeth whitening treatment begins by cleaning your teeth thoroughly and professionally.
  • Cheek retainers are going to be put in your mouth to make sure only the teeth are treated and not any other part of your mouth. If the gel goes on to any other part, like your gums, it could have very damaging effects.
  • The treatment entails that your teeth shall be protected from the saliva in your mouth for it to be effective. And therefore, your teeth are alienated from everything to make sure they are dry and ready for the treatment.
  • Once the alienation part is done, a special teeth whitening gel will be smeared over your teeth. The gel contains chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, which help bleach your teeth.
  • The gel is supposed to rest for 15-30 minutes, depending on the severity.
  • During the gel application, your dental care provider is going to remove a part of the gel to check whether or not it is working for you.
  • After some time, a special light is pointed on your teeth to make sure the whitening treatment can be a success.
  • Your dental care provider would conclude the treatment by cleaning the gel off of your teeth.

You would get a brighter smile almost instantly. However, if you want for a couple of days more, your natural brightness would set in, making your teeth to appear pearly white like.Consult the best dentist in Marietta for your teeth whitening treatment. Book your appointments. Call us- 770-955-1188. Or visit us- 2501 Windy Hill Road SE, Suite 330, Marietta, GA 30067.

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