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Oral Manifestations One Should Never Ignore - Marietta, GA

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

Like the body, the mouth has its way of letting a person know that there is something wrong. That is why it is highly advised for everyone to seek professional attention once irregularities emerge. If a patient who schedules an emergency visit is asked about their concern, it is highly possible that they have been ignoring the said issue for a while now.

Dental Visit

When it comes to oral health care, it is best for a person to be proactive rather than reactive. To avoid a simple issue from causing more problems, here are some symptoms one may experience that should never be ignored. Read on.

Bleeding Gums

People may commonly experience the condition, but it is not something that can be considered as normal. Seeing blood is a disturbing sight on its own so why think of it as something that can just be ignored. People who experience this occurrence when brushing and flossing should be aware that it may indicate the initial stage of gum disease (gingivitis). Once experience, do not delay professional attention! Do know that leaving gingivitis unattended may cause it to progress into an advanced problem which can even lead to tooth loss.

Toothache and other oral pains

Pain is both the body and mouth’s way of saying that there is something wrong. Although the sensation is bearable, it should never be ignored. That is especially if it persists for several days. One thing to remember is, oral pain does not go away on its own. It is best to seek the attention of the dentist to get a proper diagnosis and treatments accordingly.

Teeth sensitivity that lasts

The increase in sensitivity may not indicate a serious problem, but actions should still be taken. A person’s teeth sensitivity rises as they age; it is just normal. However, that is not always the case. Some causes are the formation of tooth decay or compromised enamel. To know the exact reason and to get an effective solution, seeing the dentist is best.

At Windy Hill Dental Associates, we highly encourage our patients to never skip their appointments every six months. That is so we can take actions against threats that can compromise their oral wellness. During these visits, the things to be expected are thorough examinations, professional cleanings, oral cancer screenings, as well as, cavity and gum disease detection.

Everyone deserves outstanding dental care services, so we provide Complete Checkups in Marietta, GA! Book your appointment with us at Windy Hill Dental Associates and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!

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