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Nitrous Oxide

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

Rest assured, if you or your child suffer from dental anxiety, there is a safe and effective solution to help reduce anxiety, control pain and make your dental visit much more enjoyable. Used as a popular form of sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide is widely accepted and commonly used by qualified dentists.For over 150 years, this colorless and almost odorless gas has helped dental patients deal with their fear of the dentist. Known by many as laughing gas, using nitrous oxide for relief of dental anxiety is no laughing matter. Nitrous oxide is slightly sweet smelling and easy for dentist to administer. Given to patients through a mask, once the gas is inhaled, patients quickly feel relaxed, yet remain awake and able to communicate. The effects of nitrous oxide quickly wear off once the mask is removed. The use of nitrous oxide during dental treatments has been proven to reduce or eliminate dental anxiety, reduce the gag reflex, reduce involuntary movements, increase pain tolerance and help increase patients tolerance to withstand long dental procedures.Patients can feel confident that they will receive the anxiety and fear relief they need to make it through most dental procedures with nitrous oxide. Because the effects of this gas dissipate quickly once the gas is not longer being administered, patients can safely drive home, return to work or regular daily activities almost immediately after using nitrous oxide. Unlike other sedition medications that require you to fast, no fasting is required prior to using nitrous oxide.Don't put of seeing the dentist any longer. If you or a loved one fears going to the dentist, ask your dentist if they use nitrous oxide as a form of sedation dentistry.

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