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Is It Necessary to Consider Fluoride Treatments? - Marietta, GA

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

It is believed that the discovery of fluoride in the field of dentistry is a great success; however, there are others who are opposed to the idea due to its said “toxicity”. Due to the controversy surrounding the use of fluoride, most dental patients want to get the answer if fluoride treatments are essential and worth it.We at Windy Hill Dental Associates are always ready to help our patients in any way that we can, so we want to discuss the reasons why we recommend professional fluoride treatments to our patients. Read on.

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Facts about Fluoride

  • Fluoride is the only chemical allowed to be added to water supplies for medical purposes. There have been proofs that show the benefits of combining the right amount of the mineral in the water.
  • The mineral is naturally-occurring in many foods and beverage, but patients are assured that the amount taken from these means are not harmful.
  • It is recognized as an essential part of keeping the teeth strong and healthy. There are pieces of evidence which show that most cities were able to benefit from fluoridated water supplies.
  • Water fluoridation in communities is known to be a cost-effective means of combating tooth decay.
  • Excessive intake of fluoride (fluorosis) will not affect the function of the teeth or cause pain. It only causes faint white streaks to appear on the teeth. Mild cases of fluorosis do not need any particular treatment; however, moderate-to-severe conditions need specific dental procedures. Some of the possible methods are tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, bonding, and other means that gets rid of surface stains.
  • Getting a sufficient amount of fluoride at an early age has long-term and even a lifetime of benefits. It allows everyone to enjoy a healthy, strong, and long-lasting smile.
  • Contrary to what most people believe, fluoride is not only beneficial to young children but adults as well.

Although fluoride is naturally-occurring, the amount that a person can get daily is not sufficient in protecting the teeth. Due to the cycle of demineralization and remineralization, what is taken can still be lost repeatedly. That is where the fluoride treatment we offer comes in handy. A dental professional will perform the procedure by applying the fluoride solution directly on the teeth. After a particular time, teeth will be rinsed, and the patient is good to go.Get added protection to your teeth with Fluoride Treatments in Marietta, GA. Book your appointment with Windy Hill Dental Associates! Our dental office is located at 2501 Windy Hill Rd., #330, Marietta, GA 30067.

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