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Five Secrets to Whiter Teeth

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

Flashing a bright, youthful smile is a great way to make a first (and lasting) impression. Whether it’s a prospective new boss or date you’re trying to win over, those pearly whites can work in your favor - unless your smile leaves much to be desired. Stained or yellowing teeth are an instant turn-off. Below are five easy ways to improve your smile and boost your overall health at the same time.

Watch What You Drink

Coffee, tea, soda, red wine - these are all drinks that can stain your teeth. Keep a close tab on your intake of these potables, and rinse your mouth as soon as possible after consuming them. Better yet, brush your teeth to prevent the acids in these drinks from discoloring your teeth.

Brush After Every Meal

If you cannot adhere to this brushing regimen, pop a piece of sugar-free gum in your mouth after a meal. This will trigger the production of saliva, which will help wash away some of the food debris left from your last meal.

Avoid Acidic Foods

An acidic mouth environment can damage the enamel of your teeth and affect the luminosity of your smile. Cut back on your consumption of these foods (soy sauce, ketchup, lemons, etc.) to keep your pearly whites shining brightly.

Stay away from Sweets

Sugar is bacteria’s best friend in your mouth. Bacteria can damage not only your teeth, but also the surrounding gum tissue. They can also cause small issues like tooth movement and a crooked smile or bigger problems such as tooth decay and bone loss later on if left unchecked.

Teeth Whitening Products

There are several teeth whitening products on the market today. Read the labels carefully and consult with a dental authority before trying any product.If you need a dentist in Marietta, Georgia, to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted, we can help. As leading Marietta cosmetic dentists, Windy Hill is your ticket to a beautiful smile.

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