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Five Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile, Marietta

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

Cosmetic dentistry involves some procedures for making a person’s facial appearance better and brighter. Some of the procedures are teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers, dentures and smile makeovers.

What is teeth whitening?

This can be done in the dental clinic as well as at home. For the at-home procedures, one needs to use teeth whitening trays which are worn over the teeth and gums. These are smeared with whitening gel and then worn. These should be used for a given number of hours each day and a given number of days. The teeth start to whiten slowly, but surely. However, the procedure is not permanent. It can easily be reversed if the teeth are not properly taken care of. Teeth whitening in the dental clinic involves prepping up the teeth. Then, the activating gel is smeared over the teeth and laser beam passed over the teeth for a given duration of time and at a certain wavelength and frequency. The teeth whiten by several degrees and grades. This procedure may be repeated once more for best results. However, this too is not a permanent solution to this issue. The teeth whitened in this manner may get yellowed or stained again after some time if proper oral hygiene is not maintained.

What are dental implants?

These are one of the latest techniques to come into the world of dentistry. They involve teeth extraction and replacement by placing a dental implant or implants. This procedure (which comes under the purview of cosmetic dentistry as well) involves placing a titanium screw inside the jaw bone by drilling into it. The jaw bone grows around the implant naturally, and it firms up in its place in a matter of three to four months. This is covered up by a dental cap or crown which is placed to show up as the tooth which the world sees. A dental implant may last the entire duration of the lifetime of a person if it is taken care of well. Also, it is permanent since it is not removed at any point in time or even at night.

What are dental veneers?

These are thin dental devices which can be cemented onto the surface of the tooth to change its color, size, and shape. It can even cover up cracks or fractures in the tooth.

What are dentures?

These are artificial teeth. This procedure also involves tooth extraction. Before this, the impression of teeth and gums is taken and these sent to the dental laboratory for manufacturing dentures. Dentures last for five to seven years and may become lose or ill-fitting with time. These are temporary and are taken out at night and placed in a container full of cleansing liquid into which a cleansing tablet is added. The dentures can be brushed with this cleansing liquid or with soap or even with a toothpaste meant for this purpose.

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