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Dental Crowns

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

Do you have severely discolored teeth, a really deep tooth fracture, or a tooth that has had a lot of dental work? Do you have teeth that are irregularly shaped, or a tooth that has received a root canal? For all of these dental woes and more, a dental crown is an excellent, durable tooth topper.Dental crowns are essentially a tooth shaped cap, or protective shield that fits securely over your natural tooth. If crafted properly by your dentist, a dental crown will restore a problematic tooth's natural shape and size. Dental crowns add both structure and strength to teeth that have been compromised from an accident, or extensive dental work. More and more commonly, dental crowns are being used as a permanent tooth replacement coupled with dental implants.The great news about dental crowns is that they can help keep your natural teeth intact and healthy. If a tooth is cracked or fractured and cannot be restored, a dental crown will protect your natural tooth so you don't have to have the tooth pulled. Dental crowns are often times used as anchors for bridges. It is important to find a qualified dentist to handle your dental crowns. Experienced dentists will know how to make a crown that fits properly, and craft a crown that looks like a natural tooth in size, shape and color, making it to look like the other teeth in your mouth.Dentists often recommend dental crowns as a way to keep your natural teeth healthy or to add confidence to your smile. Crowns are commonly used to attach or anchor a dental bridge. A dental crown can be used to correct a myriad of dental problems. There are resin crowns, metal crowns (most commonly stainless steel), porcelain-fused to metal crowns, ceramic crowns and porcelain crowns. Your dentist will choose the material best suited for your specific dental crown needs depending on the location of tooth that will be receiving the crown. The best part of the dental crown is that it can look and feel just like a natural tooth. Ask your dentist if a dental crown can fix your next dental dilemma.

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