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9 Signs You Need Help with Teeth Whitening, Marietta

BY Windy Hill Dental Associates

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures which can lead to a drastic and dramatic change in one’s appearance.  Because of teeth whitening, it is possible to regain one’s smile as well as one’s self-confidence and esteem back. Teeth whitening is a simple procedure, to begin with, which can help you beat the odds and lead your life in the most comfortable manner. The teeth whitening procedure can happen in two ways.  It can either be performed at home with the help of over the counter teeth whitening kits, or it can be carried out in office while you sit in the dental chairs.  Most dental experts recommend the latter, i.e., the in-office teeth whitening treatments because a certain level of professionalism is involved whereas if you take matters in your hand and perform the teeth whitening treatment at home, you might encounter certain problems and would not get the desired results. The teeth whitening treatment begins with you sitting in the chair at the best dentist in Marietta. Your dental care provider is going first to alienate your teeth from the saliva in your mouth to make sure they are dried out completely.  Once your teeth are dry, it is safe to apply the unique teeth whitening gel on the surface of your teeth.  This unique gel consists of chemicals like carbamide peroxide which can alter the appearance and color of the surface of your teeth.  This gel is smeared on your teeth for about 20 minutes after which it will undergo a special curing light which is going to further better the whitening process.  After this, your teeth are going to be washed out to give you the desired results. The advances in the field of dentistry today have made it possible for the teeth whitening procedures to be performed with the help of laser dentistry methods as well. The teeth whitening procedure can change your life.  If you are still in a dilemma of whether or not to proceed with the treatment, here are some signs that tell you that you require the same:

  1. Teeth whitening treatment is going to help you reach the top of your career and professional ladders quickly and easily.  It has been found out in a statistical study that about 89% people with brighter smiles are the ones in strong positions.
  2. The whitening treatment also helps people in social situations most people are embarrassed by their smiles and their teeth and hide behind when it comes to socializing.  With brighter smiles, you can go ahead and socialize with everyone with poise and confidence.
  3. If you are looking for that someone special in your life and is unable to find them, probably the teeth whitening treatment will help you in majority cases.
  4. If you struggle with maintaining your dental health, the teeth whitening treatment can assist you in major ways to make sure that your mouth and your dental aesthetic are in a healthy state.
  5. If you have a social event coming up like an important conference, a business meeting or a social event like a wedding, you would want to undergo the teeth whitening treatment to ensure that you leave the best first impressions on people you meet.
  6. If you are a smoker, the presence of nicotine in the cigarette can hamper your smiles and can affect your life in significant ways.  With the help of this treatment, you can regain your confidence.
  7. People who consume more wine or berries can happen to have stains on their teeth owing to the prolonged consumption. With the treatment, you can easily manage to smile proudly even after having a glass of your favorite wine.
  8. If you are addicted to your morning coffee or tea, you might encounter certain stains on the surface of your teeth because of excessive consumption.  This is one of the major signs of needing the teeth whitening treatment.
  9. If you are a chain smoker and are trying to quit the teeth whitening treatment would help you with the same.  The teeth whitening treatment uses certain chemicals which can help you quit smoking because of the chemicals involved and also it works psychologically on you because nobody wants to hamper their newly brightened smiles.

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