Windy Hill Dental Associates features an experienced teeth whitening dentist who can help you safely achieve a whiter and more beautiful smile. Our comprehensive family dental practice offers a variety of services to help brighten your smile, including home, zero-sensitivity, low-sensitivity and touch up whitening treatments. Our talented Marietta cosmetic dentist considers your lifestyle, needs and preferences in order to determine which whitening method will work best for you. And while professional whitening can have dramatic results, severe tooth discoloration may require several procedures to achieve the desired look.

Take Years off Your Smile

If you are looking for high-quality teeth bleaching in Marietta, Ga., that will remain effective for years to come, turn to the caring and competent staff at Windy Hill Dental Associates. We are committed to helping you achieve a beautiful, lasting smile and optimal dental health.

Using the latest advances in teeth whitening technology, we can take years off your appearance and greatly improve the brightness of your smile. If your teeth are stained from tetracycline, smoking, eating and drinking certain foods or beverages, or the removal of braces, professional teeth bleaching may be just the treatment you need to improve your smile.

Professional teeth whitening can only be performed on natural teeth, as caps, crowns and other dental devices are unaffected by bleaching procedures. If you have any of these, schedule a consultation today so we can explore other options to help you achieve a brighter, healthier looking smile.

Add Teeth Whitening to Your Preventative Dental Care

Our practice is currently accepting new patients, and we would love the opportunity to help you improve your dental health and brighten your smile. In addition to our many whitening options, we also offer services to help strengthen your teeth, such as fluoride treatments. We provide a full range of general, preventative and restorative dental services, as well as cosmetic dentistry and teeth bleaching.

Our compassionate, professional Marietta dentists are equipped to meet the individual dental needs of your entire family. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your best smile possible!