Dr. Snyder and our staff make use of high tech Atlanta digital x-rays for our patient’s dental evaluation, to make sure we properly diagnose any dental problems you might have. Our goal is to find and correct potential dental issues early and avoid costly future dental corrections or restorative dentistry.

As with digital photography, digital X-ray equipment provides dentists with a sharper image for use in diagnostic procedures and the evaluation of the health of your teeth. Consequently, dentists are capable of spotting problems that traditional x-rays might miss until there is tooth pain or the damage has progressed to a more severe stage like a root canal. With the advantage of real-time viewing of your x-rays, we can discuss your dental situation at your examination appointment, thus saving you both time and money.

Marietta GA Low Radiation Dental X-Rays

Our Marietta GA dental practice uses low radiation dental x-rays.  In addition to a sharper tooth image view, digital x-rays require a much lower dosage of radiation to work than traditional x-rays, reducing your radiation exposure. And, should Dr. Snyder need to consult with another dental specialist about your case, we can easily transfer the images electronically, speeding up that process as well.

Once taken, your digital x-rays are available right away for you and Dr. Snyder to view together on a monitor in our office. Each image can be enlarged and examined fully and meticulously to locate any suspicious dental abnormalities or potential problems.

With the prospect of no painful bite plates to insert in your mouth and less risk of harmful radiation exposure, digital x-rays offer patients a more comfortable, less invasive dental experience. Dr. Snyder strives to provide you with the most affordable and pain-free dental care possible.

Please call or contact our Atlanta Digital X-Rays Dentist for your next general or cosmetic dental appointment.

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